Boku no Hero Academia Episode 48- Good vs. Evil

Now that the fight to dwarf most all fights before it and most fights after it is finally here, there’s just one scene I’m looking forward to the most in this event and it’s at the very end, after the one fight quote that I know will be quoted for a long time when it airs. The question still remains where Season 3 will end off though, either after all the home visits or a short time after the new semester rolls around.

The black liquid that teleports all the Nomus into the area has the heroes and police squads scramble into action as Bakugo is taken away in front of All Might’s eyes and the villains are phased out despite Kamui’s hold on them. All Might rushes outside and leaves Endeavor and the police force to clean up this mess while he gave chase. The scene switches back to Deku and co. where they hide behind a wall as they only hear the level of destruction All For One unleashed against the pro heroes. Best Jeanist was at least able to save his comrades from harm as he pulled them away an instant before the blast landed and AfO applauds his nerves as a hero but judges that he doesn’t need Jeanist’s quirk as it doesn’t match Tomura’s temperament. Jeanist attempts to fight back but is immediately blasted again and knocked out. As the black liquid brings out all of Tomura and his associates, with Bakugo as well, AfO confronts his protege and states that while he may have messed up, Tomura can try as many times as he likes and everything is dedicated to him and his growth. Deku and co. are still absolutely scared to move but as Deku tries to turn around, Iida stops him. AfO mutters that he knew that someone was here and the kids are scared for their lives but he was really referring to All Might, who comes flying out of the sky and exchanging blows against his nemesis.

Tomura and co. are sent flying back and AfO notes that All Might is definitely getting weaker. He sends All Might flying with a particular combination of enhancement quirks and an air-pressure ability. Using this time, AfO uses another ability to forcibly activate Kurogiri’s quirk to get Tomura and his allies to safety while he holds All Might off, the only thing now is bringing Bakugo along with them. All Might comes charging in but he is too distracted by trying to keep Bakugo safe to fight AfO directly. Deku decides the time is now and thinks of a few possible ways to not involve him and his friends in combat and still save All Might and shares his idea to his team. Using Todoroki’s ice, Iida and Deku carries Kirishima up with them high in the sky and hopefully Bakugo responds to the idea and uses his own quirk to get himself out of there. Kirishima is used as the one to grab Bakugo’s hand not only because of his toughness but also because of his closeness to Bakugo. Bakugo fends off the League of Villains before seeing this sight and responds in kind, leaving All Might with no distractions to face off against his mortal enemy. The League tries to give chase but with Kurogiri and Dabi down, Magne magnetizes Compress to give chase but Mount Lady bodyblocks the villain and lets the kids get away without problems, which prompts Todoroki and Momo to leave the area as well. Gran Torino finally arrives and knocks the remaining villains out.

AfO sees that the tables have turned in an instant and has no choice but to activate a knocked out Magne to bring all the villains to a conscious Himiko and into Kurogiri’s portal. Tomura tells his teacher to come with them and is worried about his body but AfO says farewell to his protege and tells him to continue the fight. All Might and AfO clash once again and Gran Torino suffers from some friendly fire and All Might is left alone and AfO’s goading has him actually angered enough to bum rush AfO before he gets his abilities off and the villain is punched to the ground, shattering his mask. All Might’s speech is laughed at by AfO who mutters how the previous holder of One For All said the same thing.

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