Music of the Week #349


Money making is making me sleep in a weird sleeping pattern so I’ve been out of it for the past week. Still got Megalo Box and BnHA out in time while still keeping up with P5 the Animation which honestly hasn’t been all that horrendous now that they’re mucking around doing the slice of life stuff before they go and meet Makoto and go do Kaneshiro’s palace. Still haven’t been keeping up with Wotaku unfortunately so hopefully I get some time of clarity to catch up with that on a weekend.

This week’s theme is yet again another familiar tune using Trails in the Sky’s motif. This piece plays during the final moments before the credits begin to roll and while the climatic moment doesn’t exactly make the tension any less weighted, I still knew “that” wasn’t going to happen. In fact I was more concerned of the scene BEFORE this particular scene happened but unless any reader is familiar with the final moments of SC, all my whispers won’t mean jack.