Boku no Hero Academia Episode 47- The Situation is not under control

Well just like I said, it seems the climax of the arc is approaching fast.

The climatic fight is either going to be the whole episode this week or one full episode and bleed into the other. I’ll probably go with the latter since Bakugo still needs saving and there’s a lot of monologues to be had with what the future holds. Can’t wait for that pointing scene though.

The UA Press Conference reaches a point where one inquisitive interviewer asks a rather demanding answer to what the UA considers the “worst possible scenario” and Aizawa calmly responds back with a formal apology for not being able to protect Bakugo. As that interview concludes, All Might and a cadre of pro-heroes go over their plan to assault the villains at their doorstep from multiple angles of attack based on Momo’s tracker as well as previous police reports. Back in the villain’s hideout bar, Bakugo makes it known that he has no intention of becoming a villain and Kurogiri presumes the worst of Shigaraki’s outbursts but instead, Shigaraki calmly states for everyone to calm down and asks All For One on how he should proceed and his calm demeanor has AFO smile at his student’s growth.

The UA rescue team close in on their marker and they spot a spacious but unassuming building in the neighborhood and they approach to investigate it. Kirishima brings out a camcorder to document their finds and he is freaked out to see that the warehouse is a storage for Noumus. As Shigaraki gets an idea to put Bakugo unconscious again, a burst through the wall unveils All Might and his allies as they swoop in to incapacitate the villains from using their abilities. Dabi is knocked out by Gran Torino, Kurogiri is knocked out by another, and most of the villains are subdued by Kamui as All Might secures Bakugo. When Shigaraki orders for Kurogiri to warp in their Noumus, Kurogiri is unable to find any of them available and the scene switches to the warehouse where the kids witness Mount Lady dropping a truck on the warehouse and Best Jeanist captures all the Noumus before they activate.

As the situation, and by extent the series, seems to have been wrapped up nicely, Shigaraki makes one hateful declaration against All Might before some floating black blobs begin to surge around the bar as Noumus pour out from them. Bakugo is taken away by the same blob-like substance while All Might watches in utter shock as someone is taken away. Noumus pour out into the streets where they engage the police force along with Endeavor and the situation however doesn’t spread to the warehouse. The student rescue team decide that they’re no longer needed and decide to head back home but they catch sight of a mysterious figure approaching Best Jeanist and Mount Lady.

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