Boku no Hero Academia Episode 46- Bakugo Retrieval

Thus begins a new arc.

While I hyped up the conclusion of this arc ever since the Sports Festival arc, I can only see it go on for a handful of episodes before the kids arrive at their destination and the pro-heroes bust in to do their thing. How long the action will last is something I can’t estimate as well since it’s been a while since I’ve read this arc.

As Deku tearfully recounts his failure to save Bakugo, Kirishima and Todoroki suggests that he joins them in making an attempt to track down the villains and save Bakugo themselves. Iida, still distraught by the trouble he caused by engaging Stain alone, calls them out on this and tells them to back down and leave the work for the pros. The rest of the class agree with Iida and suggest that they don’t get themselves and UA’s reputation in more trouble than they should. Deku’s doctor comes in and the rest of the class leaves, but Kirishima tells Deku to meet him and Todoroki in front of the hospital later in the evening should he decide to come with them. Deku is told of his arm’s condition on how Recovery Girl was able to mostly heal it but he is given a serious advisory about banging up his arms this badly again as his joints are in a state of deterioration and he risks losing control of his arms if he keeps this up. Deku also receives a letter from Kouta and spends the rest of the day in contemplation before he gives his mother a call about coming home later despite being discharged today.

Elsewhere, the pro heroes assemble while Todoroki and Kirishima wait in front of the hospital to see if anyone else will join them. Deku is accompanied by Momo and before she can explain herself, Iida confronts the four and repeats what he said earlier in the day but cares to add the fact that he’s their class rep. and he’s worried most of all if his classmates put themselves in danger. Todorki and Kirishima however assure Iida that they’re not crazy enough to try and fight their way through villains but to attempt a covert mission to sneak Bakugo out with minimal fighting involved. Momo herself states that she planned on joining them to keep an eye on the others to make sure they avoided unnecessary encounters. However, despite their convictions, Momo has troubling believing that they’ll not run into any fights along the way. The crew board their train to Nagano where Bakugo is apparently being held according to Momo’s tracker and Todoroki mentions that the other classmembers voiced their objections to their plan.

As the other pro heroes gather to stage a plan of attack against the League of Villains, the crew arrive at their destination and Momo suggests that they all purchase some cheap clothes to disguise themselves as the League of Villains all know how they look like. As the team come out with some shifty disguises, they catch sight of a broadcast of their UA teachers publicly apologizing for the continued string of incidents involving their school and their students. Deeper into the city, Bakugo is let loose by Shigaraki, who offers Bakugo a hand to join them but Bakugo quickly repels his captives and blows one of Shigaraki’s hand-masks off, telling all of them off and that he has no intention of becoming a villain.

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