Music of the Week #352

Let’s be early

I keep saying I’ll watch Woktaku these days but my plate has been pretty full keeping up my new life schedule. Maybe it’ll be revisited sometime in the future when I’m in desperate need of romcoms to watch. I think my romcom senses have calmed down after dabbling in some VNs recently so I guess I’m not exactly in the mood for those.

This week’s theme is one of the many themes that play in TitS the 3rd’s overworld, the Phantasma. Whereas the previous two entries of the series had you walk around the country of Liberl, the Phantasma is a lot smaller and feels more dungeon like than the open RPG style of the previous games. Finding out why Kevin and co. were brought into the Phantasma and why it has suddenly formed itself is true plot within the 3rd.

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 50- Cooldown

Will it end by the Provisional Exam arc or maybe even the Internship Arc? I believe I mentioned this before but BnHA’s chapter to episode ratio isn’t all that enormous compared to other big manga adaptations. The first big saga has come to a close with AfO’s fights and now it’s more pro hero work with the provisional license exams pitting the students against other schools before the Internship Arc begins and we move onto to the rather lengthy Overhaul storyline featuring Nighteye, Mirio, and the titular Overhaul.

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Megalo Box- Episode 12: Leveling the Playing Field

Yuri makes a request to change the finale.

The last calm before the inevitable storm of a finale that will most likely end up going the same way Ashita no Joe does. A pretty heartfelt episode that brings together some of the characters before the final fight goes underway. Hopefully they saved all they could to make the finale as amazing as they could possibly have it.

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Music of the Week #351


Awkward timing and circumstance led me to completely forget it was Wednesday. The end of the season is approaching pretty quickly and I’m once again feeling that certain type of way when the season is close to ending. It’s nostalgic saying that because it’s been a while since I’ve been active like this in a while and I can only hope that it somewhat remains the same going into the Summer season, my usual time of year where I think there’s nothing for me to watch, or at least, cover in some capacity.

Also, holy shit Part 5’s anime got announced for October.

With a new picture and new 50 post mark, we switch on over to Trails in the Sky’s 3rd entry that’s a bit different than the rest. The spotlight has shifted from Estelle and Joshua and the new protagonist features Kevin Graham, a member of the church who is introduced in SC’s early chapters. The story takes months after the events of SC where all the characters we know and love have continued their lives in Liberl. Kevin is sent back into the country and is tasked with handling a mysterious device found beneath a chapel in Grancel. Kevin is reunited with his childhood friend and adoptive family member Ries Argent before they’re drawn into a strange world within the mysterious device and the cast members both primary and supporting are drawn into the world as they attempt to unravel its mysteries.

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 49- The End of an Era

As moving and full of impact as I hoped.

The OST for this series is an element I always praised about and they knocked it out of the park once again. The emotional stakes in the episode were also insanely high and these types of themes of believing in others this hard and particularly Endeavor’s despair over never being good enough is something that always rings something in me personally. Now I’m just curious where they’ll end this season on.

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Megalo Box- Episode 11: The Price of a Dream

Sometimes a lie that goes on long enough eventually becomes true.

In the best case scenario, Nanbu finally sees clearly on what’s truly important. I wasn’t too keen on Sacchio’s scene this episode, and admittedly I wasn’t ever big on his character, but it was still a poignant decision that made Nanbu relinquish what Fujimaki hanged over him from the start of the series. All that remains is the final bout.

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Music of the Week #350


DMC5 is announced and all I really care about that fact is that I can actually say that it’s real and it’s happening. I might have some issues with Neros new hairstyle and his odd new business partner but I finally have another game to look forward to again. Really not much else to go on from here, I mostly slept through E3 and only know that there’s like 3 big samurai games from companies I’m familiar with as well as Smash bringing everyone back.

We conclude the music spotlight for Trails in the Sky SC this week with its end credits theme, I Swear. While it’s not my favorite end-theme in the series, it’s quite a nice and uplifting way to send off the story of Estelle and Joshua as they continue their adventure while the rest of the enormous cast part ways to fulfill their own dreams. For the people who played Trails of Cold Steel, this is the song that the class sings during the school festival which is odd seeing as though the motif of Sky is the one popular song there instead of well, this.