Megalo Box- Episode 8: Family Feud

Team Nowhere is left divided as they scramble to find their way into Megalonia by stopping Mikio’s inauguration as the final contender. I’m excited to see what the last few episodes will contain if we’re only a couple weeks before the finale where we’ll inevitably get our rematch between Joe and Yuri while Mikio and either one of the two other Megalonia candidates will stand in his way.

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Music of the Week #348

RIP Mornings

Had a rather busy weekend which should explain why I’m posting so late. Megalo Box is all ready to go while I’ll still need to get BnHA written up, which shouldn’t take too long because the action hasn’t started yet. Aside from those, we’ve still got the quarter of the season left and as far as my predictions on how these things will end, Megalo Box still has 3 big bouts left to finish in around 5 episodes while BnHA will most likely cover the bits after the Hideout Raid Arc if it’s going to be another two cour airing, I haven’t found out if it is already confirmed or not.

This week’s theme should only solidifies the strength of a game’s motif as Whereabouts of Hope shares many similar tunes to a lot of other songs that got featured. This version plays near the end of the game’s events after the final boss where our dynamic duo meet one last problem to be dealt with before the ending credits close in.