Music of the Week #347

Slightly on track

Persona 5’s latest episode was notably not as bad as the others were. Yusuke actually looked great and the series’ greatness already returns with just his casual and quirky presence on the screen. The fights weren’t complete torture to watch either so that was pretty nice. Still nothing I’d actually return to cover because it still just basically boils down to summarizing what the game did significantly better. Speaking of that though, I haven’t watched Wotaku since Episode 2 came out, I should really catch up to it at some point.

This week’s theme is the rather dramatic final boss tune of SC’s final climb. Merciless Savior has all the connotations its title would suggest and then some if the villain of SC’s story’s backgrounds says anything about him. What I just said could be spoiler worthy but it’s something you find out pretty early and as long as I just don’t bother mentioning who he actually is the better and easier this is. While the final boss fight is grandiose, it’s still nowhere near as difficult as Loewe’s fight so the entire ordeal isn’t as tense as it could have been.

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