Boku no Hero Academia Episode 45- Chase You

I’m not sure if I was right or wrong but we’re definitely shifting gears. I predicted then next arc would begin immediately and it technically did but the answer to Kirishima’s big proposal still hasn’t been answered, even though the answer is painfully obvious. The budding heroes now have a choice to make and two of them, technically three, already seem to have the choice made in their mind.

The question is who else will be spurred into action to save a person in need of help.

We head back a couple minutes before Deku and the gang literally drop in hot on the Villain squad as Aizawa returns back to the main building to leave Kouta off. He instructs the kids to stay put as he only gave the order to fight as a means of self-defense and the kids are left sitting there unable to help any of their friends. As Deku’s group is quickly dispersed by Dabi’s fire, Shouji and Deku tangle with Toga while Todoroki keeps Twice at bay. Shouji however says that they don’t need to stay around here any longer as he was able to dig through Compress’ pockets after the latter was flaunting it around them for so long that Shouji managed to retrieve the two orbs that hold their friends. The trio attempt an escape but their path is blocked by Kurogiri’s appearance and Compress stops Dabi from trying to get the orbs back. As Kurogiri warps away the rest of the villains, Compress reveals that his little trick worked as he hid away the actual orbs Tokoyami and Bakugo in his mouth and bids them farewell as the portal closes in front of him. Aoyama, who’s been hiding around the villain’s area all this time and being down on himself for not helping to protect his fellow students, makes his move as an unexpected laser blasts Compress’ mask, allowing the orbs to be flung in the air. Shouji grabs the leftmost orb while Todoroki fails to grasp the right one as Dabi grabs it instead. Compress is angered at how his show was ruined by reveals that Tokoyami was the one the kids were able to save while Bakugo is taken away. Deku leaps forward to try and save his friend but Bakugo just looks him in the eye and tells him not to come.

The night ends with many students injured but the most damning news was of Bakugo’s disappearance as well as Ragdoll’s. News outlets everywhere flock to UA to ask them how irresponsible the staff must be to allow a kidnapping of all things take place in their institution. The UA staff have a meeting where they discuss the gravity of the matter and Present Mic is the one who brings up the clear conclusion that someone among their staff is a traitor who has been feeding information to the League of Villains considering how they have been attacking them at both USJ and the mountain training facility. The traitor discussion is tabled for another time as to not divide the staff further and All Might walks out of the room to receive a call from Tsukauchi of some heartening news. Vlad and Aizawa’s testimony and description of a particular villain matched with a previous investigation’s findings. Not only that, Momo’s quick thinking had her place a tracker on the Noumu that was present and she produced a signal tracker to lead them to the villain’s hideout to finish them off once and for all.

Deku reawakens in the hospital after a couple days where the rest of his class come to visit him. Two of their classmates were still unconscious after breathing in Mustard’s fog while Momo regained consciousness a day prior, the only one missing being Bakugo. Kirishima however states that they can still do something about Bakugo’s situation themselves as he and Todoroki overheard yesterday of Momo’s signal tracker and intend on asking her to produce another one for them to use. Iida, after remembering the accident he got into when he involved himself in throwing his life away carelessly, has him loudly object letting his friends put themselves in danger this way. Kirishima is just as adamant in exclaiming that he was unable to do anything to help a friend and asks if Deku is onboard for the endeavor.

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