Boku no Hero Academia Episode 44- Mission Complete

As an arc ends, another will soon begin.

The night of wild festivities nears its end as the villains achieve their goal. Seeing as though we’re around half-way through what a regular cour would last, the next arc is incoming with all the excitement and tension still high for what the events that go on from here on out will mean for UA and the kids involved.

Shouji explains that as the night grew deeper around their area he and Tokoyami ran into Moonfish and  Tokoyami’s quirk began to take over control and went berserk. Shouji has been preoccupied this entire time keeping Tokoyami contained than worrying about the villains and while he would love to help Deku find and protect Bakugo, Shouji states he would be remiss of him if he left Tokoyami to suffer alone. Shouji offers to distract Tokoyami’s shadow for a bit to let Deku escape the area to find Bakugo but Deku decides to compromise. Elsewhere in the woods, Todorki and Bakugo try to keep Moonfish at bay before loud crashing noises are heard from a distance and the unlikely duo catch the sight of Shouji and Deku running away from Dark Shadow. Deku asked Tokoyami to give up on containing Dark Shadow and used the latter’s bestial instincts to lure him to Bakugo and Todoroki’s position where the rampaging Dark Shadow not only indiscriminately swats Moonfish away, but is pacified once Bakugo and Todoroki use their quirks.

With their group growing bigger, the squad decide to head back to safety and go straight through the forest now that Bakugo has been secured. Tsuyu and Uraraka run into Toga and they try to fend her off but the latter’s creepy obsession unnerves the two from fighting properly. Toga manages to drain some of their blood before she is repelled by Deku’s entourage showing up and she is stricken with some love-sickness after seeing Deku’s battered face. Deku is relieved to find two more of his friends relatively safe and asks them to join them back to camp. Deku mentions Bakugo being with them but Tsuyu and Uraraka point that Bakugo is nowhere to be found, and Deku realizes in horror that they’re right. Immediately, the group is greeted by the villain, Compress, and he explains that he was able to retrieve Bakugo without getting their attention but also decided to take Tokoyami with him as well. Compress runs off as he signals the rest of the Vanguard Action Squad to meet up at the rendezvous point as their task has been completed. Deku’s group gives chase, while, on the other side, Spinner and Magne are saved from the remainder of the Pussycats by Kurogiri.

Dabi and Twice head back to the rendezvous point where Aoyama just barely manages to avoid detection. Twice mentions how Shigaraki had given them a single Noumu to use and Dabi decides to recall it now that their mission was over. Said Noumu was chasing after a Class 1B student and Momo who was lightly injured. As the Noumu gives up its relentless pursuit, Momo quickly asks the Class 1B student to attach a device on the Noumu as it walks away. As Compress nears his allies, Deku thinks fast and tells Uraraka to use her ability on himself, Shouji, and Todorki as Tsuyu lobs them into the air to catch up to the villain.

We’re heading along pretty nicely but the episode ended at a point where I think we’ll get half an episode next week concluding this arc before the other half immediately kicks off BnHA’s own Sasuke Retrieval Arc.

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