Music of the Week #346

Can’t escape

Got distracted by VNs over the weekend so I’m a bit late to the recaps but I should be alright now. Somehow pulled Shuten Douji off of a ticket so FGO life is pretty entertaining so far, just hope that didn’t completely rob me of the luck I need down the line for the other servants I want. I’ll be back on schedule after BnHA.

This week’s theme is one of the more famous tunes in the Sky trilogy: Silver Will, the boss battle theme that belongs to Lieutenant Lorence Belgar AKA Loewe, one of the key antagonists in the story as well as one of the aforementioned Enforcers. The tune also doubles as the vocal motif to Sky’s openings. To anyone who might have played the series, you probably thought of a couple choice words to say about me when I didn’t have this featured any earlier as this theme plays as early as the epilogue of Chapter 2 of FC where Agate encounters Loewe and has a quick little fight with him. The theme always stuck out to be for the extremely catchy opening and the difficulty of the fight involved as Loewe is probably the hardest opponent you’ll face in both FC and SC and theme definitely grows on you as THE serious battle theme in the Sky trilogy.