Music of the Week #345

No surprises here

I sat around wondering to myself if I should really go through with talking about P5’s new episode because in the end, it just boiled down to summarizing exactly what happened in the game. Now that might go into every case about any adaptation’s work being a summary of its source material but the catch, at least for me, is that watching an animated adaptation of a medium offers something printed media can’t. In the case with videogame adaptations the logic used to apply there as well but only for so long as games became more advanced and cinematic. Persona 4’s animation somewhat worked because of the limited graphical ability of the actual game but when Persona 5 is involved, it already looks, plays, sounds, and feels way better than most anime. It’s not even an argument to say that P5 on its own is a way better anime than its anime will ever be and for some reason, I’m still watching it because I like the characters enough but I really can’t be bothered to just summarize an inferior version of the game every week. I’ll keep it in the sidelines so we’ll see how it goes from there.

This week’s theme is that of the last “dungeon” of SC that plays in the final ascent up the tower where you fight one of the Enforcers on each floor. My complaint about the “holding back” portion of SC’s villain roster thankfully takes somewhat of a break as they actually do go fully serious since this is now a matter of life and death and the culmination of their plans require them to stop the protagonist crew from advancing any further. In contrast to those high-octane and slightly difficult fights, the music featured in the titular Axis Tower is full of mysterious, techno vibes that fits the stage of where the final stretch of the game takes place.