Boku no Hero Academia Episode 43- Steel is immune to Poison

As problems get solved, more continue to take their place.

Out of the ten villains we’ve only seen Magne, Spinner, Dabi, Twice, Muscular, Moonfish, and Mustard while we’ve yet to see the remaining three but even then, there isn’t too much left of this arc to cover since we’re moving onto to the local endgame. As the episode stated, the villains are aiming for Bakugo and what happens to him is what will bring about what the opening is all foreshadowing towards.

Deku is battered but not out for the count after crippling his right arm and he quickly gets Kouta to his side before he leaps off the cliff to try and find someone and get to Mandalay. Aizawa apparently dodged Dabi’s surprise attack on him entirely and quickly incapacitates the villain before he begins melting away and mentions how Aizawa intends to save all his students. Aizawa immediately deduces that slip and idenitifes that the villains are here for the students and quickly instructs the group of kids that arrived back to the main building to stay put while he quickly sets out into the forest. Deku and Aizawa meet by chance and Aizawa can hardly get a word in as Deku desperately tries to explain the situation and hands Aizawa Kouta and tells him to get him to safety while he looks for Mandalay. Aizawa has little to add other than quick attempt to tell Deku to calm down with his exhausted body but he decides to bring Kouta to safety before he moves himself.

Elsewhere in the woods, Dabi is joined by Twice, who’s quirk allowed Dabi to “materialize” and fight remotely and Dabi asks for Twice to copy him again to keep the pros in check. Deku interrupts the fight between the pussycats and the villain duo and he breaks through Spinner’s hilarious weapon and tells Mandalay that Kouta is safe and to relay Aizawa’s message to everyone that they’re allowed to fight back against the villains. Deku adds one more message saying that the villains are aiming for Bakugo and as he runs off to help more people, Magne breaks off from his fight with Tiger to kill Deku but Spinner stops his partner from doing so, as Spinner is mostly aiming to fulfill Stain’s goals instead of Shigaraki’s. Both are distracted and both are taken down by Tiger and Mandalay and we switch scenes to Bakugo and Todoroki fending themselves from Moonfish and his teeth based quirk.

Kendo and Tetsutetsu make their way through their part of the woods where the poisonous fog is concentrated on and Kendo is the one who points out that the fog is thicker in the other direction and deduces that the fog hasn’t been mentioned in Mandalay’s transmission, which suggests that the fog hasn’t reached any farther than it has and that someone is probably at its center generating it. Tetsutetsu and Kendo run into the thick of the fog to confront Mustard who’s behind the fog but since he can use the fog’s flow, he is able to discern where the duo is trying to attack him from. Despite Tetsutetsu’s quirk, he is slowed down by Mustard’s pistol after he shoots off Tetsutetsu’s gas mask and stalls for time. Kendo takes the initiative to enlarge her hands to fan away the fog, which thins out the fog and leaves Mustard open for Tetsutetsu’s attack.

Part of me definitely feels these sequence of episodes really need to be watched in quick succession to really feel the pacing and speed the series is drawing out. Maybe it’s just me and binge reading the manga definitely made it feel all the more urgent but I guess the same could be said if you binge watched all the episodes when the season ends. Nothing too poetic or analytical to say here, it was mostly a set-up episode for even more shit going down and for 1B kids to shine.

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