Persona 5 The Animation- Episode 4: Not the worst

I’ll be honest with everyone right now, I was really planning on just skipping the rest of the series and just resort to talk about it when it finished. For a multitude of petty and simple reasons, I think I might continue talking about this weekly but it’s really teetering on the edge and this episode only just pulled itself out of the deep end.

Of course, this doesn’t mean like they upped the animation quality of anything but the smaller parts surrounding whatever fight they go through here just felt entertaining to me. You’re safe for now P5: The Animation, let’s see how far it gets you though.

Ryuji sends in the calling card to Kamoshida and the crew splits up to gather supplies and meet by the school later in the afternoon to begin their operation. Ann leaves first to visit Shiho in the hospital while Joker, Ryuji, and Morgana stop by the local airsoft gun store to better equip themselves. Joker also buys some bandaids at the local supermarket before running into Takemi at Leblanc where she hands him some medicine and asks him to stop by her office to tell her how it worked out for him. Joker then spends the evening making some lockpicks before everyone convenes in front of the school gate to confront Kamoshida’s palace.

As per usual we get another montage of foraying into the palace where the team reach the upper levels of Kamoshida’s palace only to be inhibited by a locked door and the last puzzle in the palace where you’re forced to backtrack and kill a specific enemy to gain a key. A quick scene establishes Joker’s true ability to utilize multiple Persona after they fetch the key from a pixie. They reach the treasure but as they’re hauling it out, Shadow Kamoshida swoops in to take it back and transforms to trigger the boss fight. To play it up, the team actually has trouble fighting him and Ryuji is the one sent to nab the crown on Shadow Kamoshida’s head while the others distract him. Kamoshida once again overpowers the cast but Joker has yet another time-lapse moment where he fuses Persona on the spot, sacrificing his Arsene and Pixie to create Agathion. Ryuji is finally able to make something happen and the team brings Kamoshida down, and thank god nobody posed for that All Out Attack.

Kamoshida is defeated and Ann spares the shadow and it repents as it declares that he will come clean with his crimes. The next day, the school has an assembly addressing Shiho but Kamoshida walks in to publicly confess that everything was his fault and that he will commit suicide penance. Ann however yells out for him to accept his due punishment and Kamoshida retracts his statements and says he will report himself to the police. The first arc ends but instead of moving onto to set up Yusuke and Madarame, the ending scene actually shows THE FULL Phantom Thieves group at Leblanc talking with Akechi, what even?

Alright so first things first, that official opening. It’s not absolutely horrendous because there were definitely some moments that I really liked but I feel like the reused-shots version actually had some decent parts in it still and those definitely beat out Joker just standing there between the moving trains. I actually like the song which is why I’m giving the OP any sort of time to be discussed.

Iwai and Takemi were half the reason I want to stick around for the rest because just seeing more of the confidants will do me some good. Although I doubt their rather great confidant arcs will be given that much exposure. The other half was Akechi and the full Phantom Thieves gathered around Leblanc was at the very least curious as to why they’re alluding to the entire thing right now, which really makes me question if this anime’s intent was to just be a nudge nudge wink wink sort of thing for the people who already played the game instead of something for newcomers. The more I think about that last statement, the more I think it is, which is silly because the anime isn’t really doing anything the game doesn’t do better.

Speaking of which, it’s dawning on me that I’m only really praising Kamoshida’s arc because I played the game. I’m working with the full picture of having experienced both the game and now the anime to keep saying Kamoshida’s arc was great but if it was just the anime, I’d still be lost and not playing with a full deck. The only reason I’m even half-tolerating what the anime is doing is because of all the nuance the game already showed me to view the scenario with. Stuff like this is making me lose patience as to why I continue to watch this so it’ll be easy to figure out what my decision on whether or not to continue having this weekly thing for P5 once we hit the weekend.

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