Music of the Week #344

Still at it

I’m somewhat behind in Wotaku but I’m excited to see what BnHA and Megalo Box will have in store for me each week. I personally need to do more research if BnHA is going to be a two-cour deal because at the rate they’re going, they might get to the climax of the saga in around 10-ish episodes so I wonder if they’re actually going to go beyond that.

Similar to last week, the theme of the Enforcers is paired with their actual battle theme, Fateful Confrontation. One of the biggest weaknesses of the Trails in the Sky and most of the other entries in general is that the one of the more tiresome tropes of holding back is overly relevant to the series. Since the series shares a storyline there’s always something to set-up for the next story arc and a lot of the villains tend to “hold back” from going full power since there’s always more retain and reveal later on. Something of this nature occurs the most in SC and Cold Steel 2 and while SC all together is quite the ride, the rather formulaic events that feature the villains in question are definitely one of its weaker portions.