Boku no Hero Academia Episode 42- The Hero Appears

The first portion of Forest Training Camp’s series of fights leading up to a the REAL big arc begins and concludes with a crashing cliffside. Deku’s fight against Muscular only deals with a single villain out of the ten that arrived and realize that Deku is kind of out of commission now that his right arm is seriously beyond normal help out in the mountains.

But we’ll get to those fights after we cover Deku’s first solo bout.

The five 1A students are forced back to the building with Aizawa where they find Class 1B’s instructor Vlad with the only Class 1B student who needed remedial lessons, Monoma. His jabs at their class aside, everyone there receives the mental transmission from Mandalay and Aizawa quickly heads out, leaving the kids under Vlad’s watch but Aizawa lets his guard down as he sees the forest on fire and Dabi blasts Aizawa from the side with a burst of fire. Back where the action is, Spinner and Magne introduce themselves as the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains and Tiger wastes no time in trying to fight back against them after seeing Pixie Bob get hurt. Mandalay tells the kids to fall back to the main building but Deku decides to find Kouta instead. Elsewhere around the mountain, the group of 1B kids reunite where Tetsutetsu hands Kendo her a mask that Momo made for everyone and another one of their own to look after as he shares his intent to fight. Kendo speaks against his behavior but Tetsutetsu states that even after all of them took the same test to get into UA and have the same curriculum, the core difference between their class is that 1A has gone through crisis and turned them into opportunities to grow. Tetsutetsu has resolved to do the same and fight back against the villains assailing them. Elsewhere, Todoroki and Bakugo run into Moonfish and a severed hand near his feet.

Kouta ends up encountering a masked villain who Kouta eventually recognizes as Muscular, the villain who his parents died fighting against. Deku makes his entrance on Kouta’s secret little cliff hangout and engages Muscular in combat, but One For All’s limited usage for Deku’s own safety is ineffective against Muscular’s overflowing muscle mass. Deku struggles to land any effective attacks while he is forced to dodge Muscular’s overwhelming attacks. Deku’s predicament is however assisted by Kouta’s presence where Deku’s innate heroism spurs him into action to protect Kouta from Muscular’s bloodthirst. Deku is pushed to his limit when he unleashes a 100% smash against Muscular and sends the villain flying to the cliffside but even after breaking his entire arm, Muscular is unharmed and decides to get serious. Deku is once again forced on the defensive and has a mental war against his own fears as he steels himself to finish the fight. Deku once again clashes against Muscular with his broken arm and tells Kouta to run away but Deku is overwhelmed by Muscular’s power. Kouta distracts Muscular for a single instance and Deku comes back with a vengeance, screaming aloud his pledge to defend Kouta with his life and Deku goes further beyond his limits to cripple his arm even further by adding a couple more zeroes to his 100% smash to a 1,000,000% smash.

When you think about it, Deku never really had himself a solo fight until now. Every other occasion had him teamed up with someone else to take down a threat and now finally Deku has that critical moment between his heart and soul where he fights with himself to try and overcome a threat on his own. Deku couldn’t have really asked for a better opponent in this regard so it’s hilarious hearing Muscular shout out how Deku is an inferior version of him when it’s really the other way around. Not much else to say here other than saying that I’m glad they didn’t section a bunch of fights like I expected them to, it really was more effective to keep Deku’s fight contained into a single episode to keep all the momentum.

But the ride ain’t over yet, Deku’s fight is only the tip of the iceberg as to where all this leads to.

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