Megalo Box- Episode 8: Family Feud

Team Nowhere is left divided as they scramble to find their way into Megalonia by stopping Mikio’s inauguration as the final contender. I’m excited to see what the last few episodes will contain if we’re only a couple weeks before the finale where we’ll inevitably get our rematch between Joe and Yuri while Mikio and either one of the two other Megalonia candidates will stand in his way.

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Music of the Week #348

RIP Mornings

Had a rather busy weekend which should explain why I’m posting so late. Megalo Box is all ready to go while I’ll still need to get BnHA written up, which shouldn’t take too long because the action hasn’t started yet. Aside from those, we’ve still got the quarter of the season left and as far as my predictions on how these things will end, Megalo Box still has 3 big bouts left to finish in around 5 episodes while BnHA will most likely cover the bits after the Hideout Raid Arc if it’s going to be another two cour airing, I haven’t found out if it is already confirmed or not.

This week’s theme should only solidifies the strength of a game’s motif as Whereabouts of Hope shares many similar tunes to a lot of other songs that got featured. This version plays near the end of the game’s events after the final boss where our dynamic duo meet one last problem to be dealt with before the ending credits close in.

Music of the Week #347

Slightly on track

Persona 5’s latest episode was notably not as bad as the others were. Yusuke actually looked great and the series’ greatness already returns with just his casual and quirky presence on the screen. The fights weren’t complete torture to watch either so that was pretty nice. Still nothing I’d actually return to cover because it still just basically boils down to summarizing what the game did significantly better. Speaking of that though, I haven’t watched Wotaku since Episode 2 came out, I should really catch up to it at some point.

This week’s theme is the rather dramatic final boss tune of SC’s final climb. Merciless Savior has all the connotations its title would suggest and then some if the villain of SC’s story’s backgrounds says anything about him. What I just said could be spoiler worthy but it’s something you find out pretty early and as long as I just don’t bother mentioning who he actually is the better and easier this is. While the final boss fight is grandiose, it’s still nowhere near as difficult as Loewe’s fight so the entire ordeal isn’t as tense as it could have been.

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 45- Chase You

I’m not sure if I was right or wrong but we’re definitely shifting gears. I predicted then next arc would begin immediately and it technically did but the answer to Kirishima’s big proposal still hasn’t been answered, even though the answer is painfully obvious. The budding heroes now have a choice to make and two of them, technically three, already seem to have the choice made in their mind.

The question is who else will be spurred into action to save a person in need of help.

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Megalo Box- Episode 7: The Last Ticket

The long climb has the summit in view.

Joe seemingly has one more opponent to conquer before he is able to obtain the favor of the Megalonia board to have him be the last entrant in the 4-man competition and enter as the supreme underdog. The last fighter in Joe’s way however has more than just an advanced gear to fight with however.

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Boku no Hero Academia Episode 44- Mission Complete

As an arc ends, another will soon begin.

The night of wild festivities nears its end as the villains achieve their goal. Seeing as though we’re around half-way through what a regular cour would last, the next arc is incoming with all the excitement and tension still high for what the events that go on from here on out will mean for UA and the kids involved.

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Music of the Week #346

Can’t escape

Got distracted by VNs over the weekend so I’m a bit late to the recaps but I should be alright now. Somehow pulled Shuten Douji off of a ticket so FGO life is pretty entertaining so far, just hope that didn’t completely rob me of the luck I need down the line for the other servants I want. I’ll be back on schedule after BnHA.

This week’s theme is one of the more famous tunes in the Sky trilogy: Silver Will, the boss battle theme that belongs to Lieutenant Lorence Belgar AKA Loewe, one of the key antagonists in the story as well as one of the aforementioned Enforcers. The tune also doubles as the vocal motif to Sky’s openings. To anyone who might have played the series, you probably thought of a couple choice words to say about me when I didn’t have this featured any earlier as this theme plays as early as the epilogue of Chapter 2 of FC where Agate encounters Loewe and has a quick little fight with him. The theme always stuck out to be for the extremely catchy opening and the difficulty of the fight involved as Loewe is probably the hardest opponent you’ll face in both FC and SC and theme definitely grows on you as THE serious battle theme in the Sky trilogy.