Boku no Hero Academia Episode 40- Because 39 was just a recap

It’s actually here, a non-recap episode that chugs along through the arcs leading up to the big climax we’re treated to previewing in the new season’s opening. To this day I think The Day is the best opening the series has had thanks to my immense bias towards Porno Graffiti but let’s not dwell on that and just get through this. As I’ve talked about before, Episode 39 was just a recap episode so there’s no real point in going through that.

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Megalo Box- Episodes 1-2: Junkdog Millionaire

You get a wonderful looking presentation and artstyle, a rocking OST, a setting that looks straight out of one of the backwater planets in Cowboy Bebop, a boxing drama set up framed around an underdog story, and have Hosoya Yoshimasa voicing the main character?



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Persona 5 The Animation- Episode 1: Joker’s Beautiful Face

As soon as Last Encore cut itself short to continue during the summer, another adaptation of a videogame comes to take its place. Everyone and their mothers have played Persona 5 or has heard of it through its immense popularity at this point so I’m not sure how much I should really be explaining here since tons of people have played Persona 5 over the likes of Fate Extra. This time we can all be judgmental about how P5 the Animation will handle its adaptation.

But so far, there isn’t really anything to address.

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Music of the Week #341

Here it comes

So Hero Academy’s first episode for the new season is a recap episode which isn’t too surprising but there’s no real need to cover that unless you wanted me to summarize the class just messing around in the pool. Aside from that, I’m still waiting for the rest of the season to start trickling down to start posting more but since BnHA wrote itself out this week, we’re just playing the waiting game.

This week’s theme plays exclusively during a segment in the mid-game where the protagonists and co. relax by the lakeside before a stakeout at the inn has them trail their mysterious enemies to a research facility on the other side of the lake. While not the most stealthy of approaches, the theme known as Infiltration definitely has the air of something sneaky before it goes techno halfway in. It even has a vocal version with a bunch of French but I’m not sure if any of you really want to hear a Japanese lady mispronounce a bunch of things to get in the way of the song so here you go.

Ryuuou no Oshigoto- King Lolis

I’m no exact stranger to series like this, although I’m not sure what to really classify these types of series as to begin with. Every now and then I need something really light-hearted and apparently sports/competition based to tide me over until something interesting comes around every season. Ryuuou no Oshigoto isn’t exactly the replacement Bamboo Blade, which I sadly haven’t had the time to talk about around here, but it still provided me something entertaining every Monday to sit through while I worked out.

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Fate Extra Last Encore- Episode 10: Weeks 4 and 6

Whereas I had a clear and distinct opinion on each of the previous stratum, stratum six is a bit harder to discern whether I like it over the original game’s Week 6. My predictions weren’t necessarily untrue but the situation that Last Encore’s Rin and Rani have themselves in is quite the strange turn of events. I’m still having a tough time wrapping my head around it as to how it made me feel so let’s go over what happened before we speak any more of it.

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Music of the Week #340

In a hurry

Last Encore is currently “over” with the concluding episodes slated for Summer of this year, which leaves the question whether or not I want to talk about how I feel about it this week aside from the Episode 10 coverage. While separating the reviews for Last Encore will save me a lot of time down the line and make a potential single review a lot less of a wall of text to read, the fact that so much of the story rides with how it ends and how it will encapsulate what the hell this entire ordeal was meant for would be pretty crucial to my thoughts on it. Then again, nothing says I can’t just say what I feel now and pull a complete 180 if the ending rubs me the wrong way. Whatever comes of it, expect two posts for this week before we usher in the new season.

This week’s theme is a rather touching one which curiously plays in a rather unsettling sequence of events that involve the party returning to Rolent, the protagonists’ hometown and addressing a mysterious fog that has enveloped the region. As the song’s name would imply, the crew undergo the effects of the hazardous fog and experience a rather pleasant sequence of dreams intent on keeping them there forever. Despite its darker subtext, the theme is thankfully played on genuinely nicer occasions.