Music of the Week #342


The season is off to a rather great start, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone since Spring is definitely one of the better quarters of the anime year. Aside from the QUALITY gold mine P5 the Animation is making, I think I’m at least enjoying the opening for it. Megalo Box is definitely going to be a ride for me and BnHA’s Season 3 is something I’ve been hyping up since Season 2 almost a year ago. I’m also watching Wotaku but since I’m horrendous at writing things about stuff like that, I’ll save that til the end of the season.

One of the few battle themes on the spotlight that first plays during the protagonist’s examination with the Bracer Guild squad that you ran into a couple times in the first game. I mostly love the opening seconds of the fight but it’s still a pretty exciting theme that plays a couple times throughout the adventure.