Music of the Week #341

Here it comes

So Hero Academy’s first episode for the new season is a recap episode which isn’t too surprising but there’s no real need to cover that unless you wanted me to summarize the class just messing around in the pool. Aside from that, I’m still waiting for the rest of the season to start trickling down to start posting more but since BnHA wrote itself out this week, we’re just playing the waiting game.

This week’s theme plays exclusively during a segment in the mid-game where the protagonists and co. relax by the lakeside before a stakeout at the inn has them trail their mysterious enemies to a research facility on the other side of the lake. While not the most stealthy of approaches, the theme known as Infiltration definitely has the air of something sneaky before it goes techno halfway in. It even has a vocal version with a bunch of French but I’m not sure if any of you really want to hear a Japanese lady mispronounce a bunch of things to get in the way of the song so here you go.

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