Music of the Week #338

Faster than expected

So as soon as I get my Episode 7 coverage of Last Encore come out, the next episode was already subbed. Thankfully I’ll be able to get that out on time now that the delay has given me some time between these weekly music spotlights and weekly coverage posts. Spring is around two weeks away and I was actually able to binge watch another series this season, although it’s not something I would personally recommend but I was in the mood to watch something remotely romance-based so I settled with it. I don’t think it’s worth a full review but I might as well mention it here when the seasonal finales happen.

This week’s theme is a familiar sounding leitmotif that plays through multiple renditions throughout the series. Frequently utilized in transitions to more peaceful scenes, Feelings Soar with the Wind really bring back the atmosphere of the game whenever it plays.

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