Music of the Week #337



As you can already tell, Last Encore is taking ages with its subbing and the episode just released today. I’ll get that up in working order and hope that the following episodes hopefully don’t take as long. The Winter season is soon concluding and I have yet to even take a look at what Spring is going to bring. I vaguely recall BnHA’s Season 3 but aside from that, I have the faintest idea. At the very least, Last Encore’s weird ride will continue for more than a single season, it’ll be nice having multiple things to talk about again.

Let’s continue our spoiler-free continuation of Second Chapter’s OST. Funnily enough, I forgot this tune that came from First Chapter but since it plays frequently enough in SC, I decided to have this as a part of it. This track commonly plays in the sewer/underground sections of the game and it takes a bit to get the tune I remember it for. We’ll continue with some new SC tracks from here on.

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