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Music of the Week #336



Aside from waiting for another day of subs, the post is already written up and just needs a bit of editing and some pictures. There wasn’t too much to cover so I was able to add a couple more insights regarding the previous episodes. I’ll spare you the repetition here and just let anyone who cares see for themselves.

As the new image would imply, we’re moving onto the the sequel for Trails in the Sky, aptly titled Second Chapter or commonly known as Trails in the Sky SC. The events of the previous game, as mentioned in the final dungeon music, directly carry on over to the plot points that were left unaddressed and SC is basically a huge 2nd Act whereas FC set up for everything to come hereafter. I could go on about how FC on its own was a quaint but undeveloped journey but SC exists to fulfill most things that FC wasn’t able to accomplish, and the two definitely cannot be seen separately as they are supposed to have been a single title. This week’s tune is that of La Locle, a training facility utilized by the protagonists at the start of the game.