Fate Extra Last Encore- Episode 9: So much for that

A slightly less interesting episode where it mostly focused on something that I was already very familiar with. While not as satisfactory as a concluding episode compared to Alice’s episodes, it did leave a lot of interesting questions to be asked moving forward. According to the news, Last Encore is going on hiatus after Episode 10 airs and will resume its presumed finale after a couple weeks. I have no idea why this is but I’m not going to bother questioning it.

So let’s get a move on.

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Music of the Week #339

On schedule

The Winter season concludes this week and we enter that one-week break the studios have before rolling out the new shows the following week. Aside from Last Encore’s strange release schedule, it will go on for a couple more weeks while the only other show I watched this season will gets its own post later down the line. I mentioned that I was able to binge watch another series this season as well and despite the fact that I kept saying I’ll be working on the overhaul-recap posts, I was evidently unable to do so. Why do I bring up this fact? Well the show I binged was Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bicchi na Ken that mainly focuses on raunchy humor not unlike a show from a while back called Seitokai Yakuindomo. It’s been ages since I saw the former and while I wasn’t completely entertained by the raunchiness, I actually enjoyed the smaller bits of actual romance so I can’t say that I hated the experience. There were probably better choices for romance shows I could have watched but for some reason, Sho-Bitch was actually sort of alright, I didn’t exactly hate any characters. In fact, I think I liked most of the girls and there wasn’t anyone all that annoying aside from that glasses dude who still had a handful of funny moments. I’ll be back again this week for another Last Encore episode recap as well as a series review, look forward to it.

Replacing How They Walk in Liberl in SC, Looking Up at the Sky comes in as the new overworld theme that reflects the change in tone that SC has over FC. Whereas FC’s overworld tune was something very uplifting and chipper, SC’s tune feels more contemplative, calming yes, but also a bit moodier and atmospheric. I swear I keep hearing birds chirping and some river flowing in the background when I hear this tune play and I always get the image of the sunlight peeking through the trees every time. Enjoy one of my personal favorites from the series.

Fate Extra Last Encore- Episode 8: Finally some answers

Things finally start to get interesting, despite some disappointing revelations about the fourth stratum (Hint: they basically skip it) and on right to some admittedly more interesting things in the fifth stratum. Concepts are finally explained and things start really feeling like a sequel where Julius and Twice finally put some puzzle pieces where they belong to paint a clearer picture, let’s get to it.

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Music of the Week #338

Faster than expected

So as soon as I get my Episode 7 coverage of Last Encore come out, the next episode was already subbed. Thankfully I’ll be able to get that out on time now that the delay has given me some time between these weekly music spotlights and weekly coverage posts. Spring is around two weeks away and I was actually able to binge watch another series this season, although it’s not something I would personally recommend but I was in the mood to watch something remotely romance-based so I settled with it. I don’t think it’s worth a full review but I might as well mention it here when the seasonal finales happen.

This week’s theme is a familiar sounding leitmotif that plays through multiple renditions throughout the series. Frequently utilized in transitions to more peaceful scenes, Feelings Soar with the Wind really bring back the atmosphere of the game whenever it plays.

Fate Extra Last Encore- Episode 7: Confusing and Tragic

For once, I actually felt that Last Encore delivered a better version of Week 3 than the game did. I expected a cavalcade of weird shit and I definitely experienced that weird shit these past two weeks, moreso than the game could really provide. Let’s not waste any time since I slacked off on this one because the subs took so long, I don’t even know if the latest episode is already done with that or not.

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Music of the Week #337


As you can already tell, Last Encore is taking ages with its subbing and the episode just released today. I’ll get that up in working order and hope that the following episodes hopefully don’t take as long. The Winter season is soon concluding and I have yet to even take a look at what Spring is going to bring. I vaguely recall BnHA’s Season 3 but aside from that, I have the faintest idea. At the very least, Last Encore’s weird ride will continue for more than a single season, it’ll be nice having multiple things to talk about again.

Let’s continue our spoiler-free continuation of Second Chapter’s OST. Funnily enough, I forgot this tune that came from First Chapter but since it plays frequently enough in SC, I decided to have this as a part of it. This track commonly plays in the sewer/underground sections of the game and it takes a bit to get the tune I remember it for. We’ll continue with some new SC tracks from here on.