Music of the Week #335


Season is getting closer to finishing and just as I thought, Last Encore is definitely going to have more episodes than most normal broadcasts. Works out fine just for me since I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to watch this Spring. Hopefully I’ll end up with at least one show aside from Last Encore. Not much else to say other than that, I’m at least keeping up with Last Encore so that’s an accomplishment after being late so many other times before this season.

This week’s theme will conclude Trails in the Sky FC’s OST with the track called Confession, which most notably plays in the game’s epilogue. This scene is one of the many reasons the games of in the Trails sub-series are known to have immense cliff hangers and I’ll just let the tune right without saying anything else. There’s another theme I could have covered in FC’s segment but it has a lot more meaning later down the line.