Music of the Week #334

Work work

The season is around halfway over now right? Fate Extra isn’t the only series I’m watching this season, surprise surprise. I’ve been watching one other show and I’ll most likely be reviewing that a couple weeks before Fate Extra finishes, although given its pace, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has another cour like most Fate adaptations. The other series I’m watching is something I wouldn’t normally watch but I guess I needed a break from the usual stuff, not that I watch too much anime these days.

This week’s theme is one of my favorites and it plays in the final dungeon of the game. However, it’s placement and overall tune of it all is really off-putting. While a fantastic theme that really puts on the “final dungeon” mood of the game, the harsh reality is that the final “dungeon” of Trails in the Sky FC is hardly a dungeon at all. There are no puzzles or obstacles aside from the enemies and all the gear you find are just late-game equipment. It’s a theme too good for the dungeon it’s used in and it’s quite a shame. There is, however, an explanation as to why this is. Trails in the Sky FC and SC were supposed to be a single game so this level wasn’t even supposed to be a final dungeon but the split made it so that it ended up as one.