Music of the Week #333

Mostly on top of things

Hopefully faster subs for Fate Extra is a constant. The series is all sorts of mysterious but like I said before, I’m not too fond of how easily done in Drake was but I can only imagine how well they can transition a very limited and restrained RPS fight onto the big screen, that’s probably why they bothered showing off Drake’s NP from the start. It’s a wild ride and I’m not hating it but I’m definitely weirded out by it. Not much else to say other than my revamped group review post is getting delayed further and further, oh well.

This week’s theme isn’t as special as last weeks as I think out of all the towns in the game, the last town is the least memorable in terms of music. Rolent, Ruan, and Zeiss were fantastic while I can’t say the same for Bose and Grancel, but at least the latter was pretty big to make up for its relatively less characteristic tune as far as towns go.

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