Music of the Week #332

Trucking through the winter

Fate Extra is really aching me not because of its departure from the game but with how slow it’s taking for the subtitles to be released for it. I’d trust my knowledge of the game and my basic understanding of Japanese speech to suffice but I would definitely be more confident with some subs because the adaptation doesn’t seem to be wanting to follow the game in the first place. That’s not a bad thing though, but I’ll talk more about it with Episode 2 which I actually already finished. See you then.

So, after the rather exciting adventure through Ruan which involved school plays, boat chases, and corrupt individuals burning down orphanages, the new region opened to be explored is Zeiss, named after the rather technologically advanced town at its center. The Zeiss chapter is also a quite memorable as it picks up on the developing plot points from Ruan and engages in more action, more backtracking, and generally more stuff being unraveled. It’s also a rather pleasant theme for such an advanced city, you’d expect a bit more grime and roughness for a city developing so fast. Without a doubt my 2nd favorite portion of Trails in Sky were in Zeiss, aside from all the aforementioned stuff about backtracking, was definitely a great memory.