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Music of the Week #331


Did something


Watching Fate Extra: Last Encore spurred something in me that hasn’t really happened all too often. As I’ve already written in the actual episode coverage, tackling an “anime-inspired but new take” on Fate Extra is a different monster compared to the loads of straight adaptations I’ve watched over the years. The boatload of differences the adaptations brought just made me typing up all my observations and questions so that’s why the episode review came out before all that hubbub about the revamped stuff I was talking about for 2 weeks. I broke those stuff into sections but might have to divide them further but we’ll see how those turned out.

This week’s theme is one of my particular favorites from Trails in the Sky. After Rolent and Bose, the trail on Casssius’ even more mysterious circumstance is revealed. He’s nowhere to be found in the airship that was hijacked yet he left a note for another Bracer to continue his investigation on a strange device. Estelle and Joshua decide to do this themselves and separate with Schera and Olivier, one of their newer companions made during the Bose chapter. Now the two start on the sea-side province of Ruan where it is probably my favorite chapter in the entire game and its partly because of how amazing the atmosphere of the seaside cliffs, villages, and the beach path to the city of Ruan was, as well as the increasingly interesting story that truly picks up by the chapter’s end.