Music of the Week #335


Season is getting closer to finishing and just as I thought, Last Encore is definitely going to have more episodes than most normal broadcasts. Works out fine just for me since I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to watch this Spring. Hopefully I’ll end up with at least one show aside from Last Encore. Not much else to say other than that, I’m at least keeping up with Last Encore so that’s an accomplishment after being late so many other times before this season.

This week’s theme will conclude Trails in the Sky FC’s OST with the track called Confession, which most notably plays in the game’s epilogue. This scene is one of the many reasons the games of in the Trails sub-series are known to have immense cliff hangers and I’ll just let the tune right without saying anything else. There’s another theme I could have covered in FC’s segment but it has a lot more meaning later down the line.

Fate Extra Last Encore- Episode 5: Called It

A couple steps forward?

A strange episode that makes me question what exactly Last Encore is trying to accomplish. This was yet another confrontational episode that pitted the main duo against the enemy master and servant but once again, I find myself wanting. The series is clearly another take, another rendition of the game’s original plot but title and events of the episode pretty much confirmed where and when I think the events of the series is taking place.

The only question is, why?

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Music of the Week #334

Work work

The season is around halfway over now right? Fate Extra isn’t the only series I’m watching this season, surprise surprise. I’ve been watching one other show and I’ll most likely be reviewing that a couple weeks before Fate Extra finishes, although given its pace, I wouldn’t be surprised if it has another cour like most Fate adaptations. The other series I’m watching is something I wouldn’t normally watch but I guess I needed a break from the usual stuff, not that I watch too much anime these days.

This week’s theme is one of my favorites and it plays in the final dungeon of the game. However, it’s placement and overall tune of it all is really off-putting. While a fantastic theme that really puts on the “final dungeon” mood of the game, the harsh reality is that the final “dungeon” of Trails in the Sky FC is hardly a dungeon at all. There are no puzzles or obstacles aside from the enemies and all the gear you find are just late-game equipment. It’s a theme too good for the dungeon it’s used in and it’s quite a shame. There is, however, an explanation as to why this is. Trails in the Sky FC and SC were supposed to be a single game so this level wasn’t even supposed to be a final dungeon but the split made it so that it ended up as one.

Fate Extra Last Encore- Episode 4: Can we even call these time-skips?

It’s about time I purge the thought of this adaptation retaining too many of my expectations of related to Extra’s events and themes. I guess that goes to show how much I actually enjoyed Extra despite a good majority of fans calling it a rather poor game. The second round of the Mooncell War is one of my favorites in the game with Dan and Archer being a conflicting duo, perhaps the most incompatible of the 7 masters the player faces but we’ll see how that turns out.

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Music of the Week #333

Mostly on top of things

Hopefully faster subs for Fate Extra is a constant. The series is all sorts of mysterious but like I said before, I’m not too fond of how easily done in Drake was but I can only imagine how well they can transition a very limited and restrained RPS fight onto the big screen, that’s probably why they bothered showing off Drake’s NP from the start. It’s a wild ride and I’m not hating it but I’m definitely weirded out by it. Not much else to say other than my revamped group review post is getting delayed further and further, oh well.

This week’s theme isn’t as special as last weeks as I think out of all the towns in the game, the last town is the least memorable in terms of music. Rolent, Ruan, and Zeiss were fantastic while I can’t say the same for Bose and Grancel, but at least the latter was pretty big to make up for its relatively less characteristic tune as far as towns go.

Fate Extra Last Encore- Episode 3: Familiar Setpieces

A bit faster this time.

I’ve had 3 different set of subs for each episode and I’m slightly entertained into thinking this will be how it’s going to be until we reach the end. I’d have no excuse other than laziness if I got this out any later like I did last week so I made it quick, but just as long as the other. This is honestly the first in a long while I have had the urge to write as much as I can. It’s not too often this sort of adaptation comes along that’s a melding of both original and adaptation content and I’m inspired to point out as many differences as possible. I usually just cover the episode but I’m actually talking about how it differs so it’s certainly more entertaining than the regular episodic coverage stuff I do.

That being said, I’m still extremely mixed about how I feel about this.

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Fate Extra Last Encore- Episode 2: Can’t be a Shaft adaptation without some nude bathing scenes

The timing of these posts are going to remain weird with how long it takes for proper subs to happen but I was slow on the uptake this week so hopefully this won’t come as late.

I definitely didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Let’s get right into it since I have a lot to say.

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