Music of the Week #330

Still reeling late

Despite all my talk of getting things done, last weekend was rather busy so I didn’t get a chance to really type up the project I’m working on. Come this weekend and Fate Extra finally airs and I’ll probably have a lot to say about what this adaptation will change since I’ve mentioned how much I actually liked the original game. I’ll try to scramble out my revamp post once I determine the proper length of my explanations on my current thoughts about them.

Not much else to say for this week’s theme as well. This theme usually plays in some odd and mysterious areas in the map and it certainly feels like some whimsical tune that denotes that atmosphere. It’s strange to find a tune so familiar but I can’t honestly remember at which points they play during the main game. Even if I would love to re-live these games, they’re quite the damn experience that really has you accept it in its entirety every time you do so it’s a big undertaking to even try and replay them.