Music of the Week #329

Before or after?

So it turns out that Fate Extra’s anime had its broadcast delayed until the 27th so I’m just here thinking I better get something out before Wednesday turned its head. Turns out I couldn’t since I don’t think I’ll have that much to say about Takagi-san so I’ve been working on that other project on revamping older reviews and that should be out before Extra comes out, look forward to it.

Finally after all those miscellaneous themes that play throughout multiple locations in the overworld, we finally get to the city after the journey concludes in Rolent. Bose is the 2nd city in the game and it’s 2nd least memorable city overall. Since the adventure is still only on its first-leg, I found Bose enjoyable but not comparable to the two following cities Estelle and Joshua visit in their journey. While the “missing” dad plot-line technically ends in mysterious way here, Estelle and Joshua formally start traveling together after the Chapter ends and that’s when I really began to enjoy where the game was heading.