Music of the Week #328


A new age

Winter is here and I actually have a few things other than Fate Extra to watch during the season. The only thing off with this situation is that Pop Team Epic is something I can’t really describe in your usual episodic coverage or talk about in general. Then there’s Takagi-san but that’s something I don’t really need to “cover” traditionally. Aside from having things to watch however, I’ve been getting into that self-conscious mood where I went back to my older pieces of work and couldn’t stand to even read them. So I decided to a do a little recall on the really old posts and noted down all the series I’ve covered since the start of this site back in 2011 and turns out that we’ve relatively recently made it past the 100 series mark so I thought that was a bit neat. With that in mind, I’ve decided to talk about the ones I currently deem obsolete and talk about them all in an upcoming post. It’s kind of like that short little Rewatchables thing I did last year but this time I’ll be sure to start what I finished, look forward to that as well as Fate Extra.

With something actually worth saying, let’s unintentionally contrast my convictions with a rather laid back theme this week. This week’s tunes exclusively play in the armed checkpoint/border gates that are scattered across Liberl in between the borders of neighboring countries such as Calvard and Erebonia as well as being in the gaps between provinces in the country itself. The laid back tune of the theme shows a rather simple attitude towards border patrol.

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