Music of the Week #327

So close

A couple days late but Happy New Year to everyone reading. This site hasn’t really advanced too far aside from slight bumps in writing quality but I honestly treat this place as an outlet for me to keep writing things, no matter how droll or insignificant the topics I talk about be. The act or writing, or rather typing, is an entertaining and rewarding experience to keep my fingers light on my keys and keep my vocabulary and wits sharp and up to date. A slight inkling of inspiration to go revamp my older reviews is hitting me so while I won’t promise too many things, I might start writing some bigger pieces.

Anyways, if there’s one thing that’s a constant, it’s these weekly music spotlights and how they’ve been getting posted later and later these past few weeks. I’ve been coming late on Wednesdays in particular so in lieu of that, this week’s spotlight of this theme is fitting, and probably will be for a while. This theme exclusively plays during the night-time where it’s usually calm but night-time is always that sort of time for some shady things going on.