Music of the Week #326

Hopes a risin’

I realize that December is pretty damn close to ending and was just reminded that Fate Extra’s anime adaptation is coming in January. Whereas I avoided Apocrypha because of all the terrible things I’ve heard of it and the fact that a horror called Astolfo exists, Extra is something I can at least look forward to because if not for the Playable Servants, I absolutely love the opposing servant-master duos that come with it. There’s rumors of what sort of story it’s going to be since it was confirmed to not be a full adaptation of Extra and I’d lament it if they tried to shove in all three playable servants to be a part of the main cast. Time will tell but we’ll see how well that fares, at least now I have a series to cover again.

This week’s theme is one of the earlier tracks that really caught my attention as every other theme before was some comfortable and cozy adventuring tracks but the Secret Green Passage that first plays in the forest near the town of Rolent really added that depth of a multi-layered adventure that wasn’t just going to be searching for the duo’s dad.

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