Music of the Week #325


Star Wars 8 might be the biggest mixed bag of emotions I’ve seen in my life, and that’s all I’m going to say about it. Actually no, there’s one thing to note about the movie and it’s this “one” scene that made my jaw drop and I think it’s going to have that effect on some people when they first see it but that one part is so mind-numbingly cool that I think it was worth 10 dollars just to see that part. Nevermind the rules and logic of that particular scene, it looked great.

Anyways, we’re moving on before it gets any later. This is one of those themes that usually plays on a small village or non-hostile location along the big roads between the larger towns. I think it really captures that feeling very well, it feels homey enough and just out of the way from the bigger plot threads that it really feels comfortable to be around.