Daily Archives: December 14, 2017

Music of the Week #324




That new Arcana Heart release on Steam made me remember that series was still kicking. I’ve been seeing the kickstarter campaign by Examu themselves to try and help them release the updated version of the third game in the west and they need a lot of help. I personally couldn’t imagine how much support they managed to get but I’m still more interested in seeing Arcana Heart 4 with better graphics or something. The series is pretty damn old and it still hasn’t updated its sprites at all. Even so, Six Stars is just a late port since its arcade version was released around 2014. Still, I never had the chance to play Love Max all that much so I might get it to at least know how it plays again, just hope I don’t find any Clarice players.

This week’s theme is the other overworld theme, one more attuned to showing off a specific part of Liberl. Compared to How They Walk in Liberl, Rock on the Road has a slightly less adventuring, more hunting involved. Sometimes it feels even more relaxed than Walk in Liberl as the theme is also used a lot for the shorter byroads that connect the big towns to smaller areas than the big pathways leading into another major city.