Music of the Week #323


Ao no Kiseki/Trails to Azure approaches the 100% with each passing week and I’m ready to be thrust back into the seat to finally be caught up with the series. While I’m already spoiled on what occurs in Cold Steel 3, I’m still very eager to get to that as well seeing as how its gameplay seems to be the most refined in the Cold Steel sub-series. Can’t say I’m a 100% for what actually goes down in the ever-so-important plot but I’m in dire need of some RPGs in me.

Speaking of which, this week’s theme does a decent job describing my hunt for a decent RPG to sink some time into. This is the tune that plays whenever the crew enter into a cave and that usually means either saving a group of people or looking for some good loot in an inevitable side-quest that will have you walking back and forth the cave’s interiors.

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