Music of the Week #322

On time

In an attempt to further strengthen one of my servants in FGO, I ended up summoning some other servants that are realistically fantastic additions to my rather weak line-up but I can’t help but be at a loss for words to receive these results when I only wanted something so simple. I’m rather stunned, awed, and slightly angry since out of all the chances to get a particular servant, it wasn’t Gilgamesh that came to me so I guess I’m a bit irked on that end. Not sure how to feel at all right now with pre-event scrambling to level up servants I would have never used going on right now factoring into that. I should be happy right?

This is the that one tune that convinced me to try the series out. This is THAT theme that sticks with you when you hear it outside the game the first time and the one that sticks by you the entire way through. Sophisticated Fight is one hell of a catchy tune that’s the MAIN casual battle theme so you’ll be hearing it a lot. The chipper and energetic tune perfectly reflects the first entry of Trails in the Sky and how it captures the adventure that Estelle and Joshua undertake. While the tune is absent in the second entry, it comes back with powerful nostalgic punch in the 3rd and it’s easily one of my favorite tunes in the entire series.