Music of the Week #321


Was able to beat the 1% odds and roll myself a 5 Star Servant in FGO’s most recent summoning event. Also made this unintentionally late so Happy Late Thanksgiving to everyone in the states. Not much else to say that I finally felt some of that EX-Rank Luck for once in this game and while I wanted Medea Lily too, I think I’ll stick with the copy of 2030 I got for a while instead. Time to save up for another 5 months.

This week’s theme is a somewhat rare theme in the Trails in the Sky trilogy as to my memory, it only plays in the first game. While I say it’s rare in the series, it’s hardly a rare theme in the first game as it is the default “overworld” theme that plays as you travels around the various paths connecting the various provinces of Liberl together.