Music of the Week #320

Trucking along

If I didn’t mention how jarring this FGO event was, I’ll say it right now that while I’m pretty comfortable with where I’m at right now, I was pretty scared with how little points I was accruing and how gimped you are on the event currency without rolling for some event CEs. Thankfully, that part of the stage has subsided and I’m sitting on a decent pile of resources to get what I need and maybe some more. Not much else going on other than Trails to Azure getting even faster translation work as of this week, it’s sitting at 85%! I might be able to finally play it before the year ends too.

This week’s theme is one of the many themes present in the game that utilizes the main motif of Trails in the Sky. This little tune gets updated in later titles but it’s one of those unforgettable ones that play in a lot of the calmer and atmospheric moments in the game, usually onboard the airship rides.

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