Music of the Week #319

Almost late

Something is clearly wrong with me when I didn’t notice how off the pictures were until today, shows me how much I’ve been paying attention these days. So aside from not gaining the interest to catch up with these season’s shows, I’ve mostly been eyeing the new Total War Warhammer II game that I might cave in to buy, but also, Trails to Azure, the sole untranslated piece of the whole puzzle in our music-covered series is close to being fully translated by a circle of fans. Cold Steel 3 isn’t done yet either but that’s up to the hands of the actual localization wizards who probably won’t go back in their timelines to officially localize Zero or Azure anytime soon so there’s that. With how I treated Bloodborne and DS3, I wasn’t about to spotlight Azure’s OST without actually playing it so there’s some relief there that I’ll be able to get to it before we reach that point in our Wednesday spotlights.

This week in Trails in the Sky, we have the first town’s theme, Rolent. It doubles as both the name of the town and the province which is connected to Bose to the east, and Grancel to the south. Rolent is the quintessential starting town and the theme is well representing its homey and laid-back countryside vibe. The Bright family lives a couples way down from the road but the two kids and their father have made themselves quite attached to the town and its residents. The series has been lauded for its importance to NPC storylines and dialogue and Rolent is probably the easiest place to keep up with everybody’s since the Prologue has at least 2-3 events that change up everyone’s dialogue after they occur, which only adds to the immense amount of world-building the series has going for it.

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