Music of the Week #318

Almost sick

Aside from some shitty drops in FGO, I’ve been sick for the past two days with some serious headaches. Thankfully, nothing but my usually ravenous hunger and oriental medicines were enough to pull through it. There was a short list I compiled for which of the new seasonal series I might dive into but the sickness in the past few days really killed my motivation to sit through 20 minutes of just watching something instead of doing something with myself to keep my head away from the aching.

But enough of that, we’ve got tons of music to get through. Immediately picking up from last week, after we hear Joshua’s harmonica rendition of the Whereabouts of Light, the moment Estelle opens her mouth to compliment his skills has this little tune that SCREAMS beginning of a JRPG with its lighthearted and upbeat tone. It fits the setting and the first set of hours for the game extremely well.

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