Music of the Week #317



So I spent most of my time last week summarizing the premise of TitS and completely forgot to mention that I don’t exactly have any series I’m following this Fall Season. I’m looking through the series and will most likely have something to follow before the end of the season so just know that I’m not completely out of it yet, because I really don’t want to be and catch something entertaining but at a quick glance, I can’t find anything on the surface level that piques my interest. I’ll keep anyone reading updated on that end.

Not like I have any less to talk about in the music section though. We continue with our new spotlight with one of the primary motifs of the Trails in the Sky trilogy, the Whereabouts of Light or Whereabouts of the Stars depending on where you look. It’s a theme that is very commonly used in the game and a lot of its tunes can be heard within other themes as well but most people will remember it as the harmonica tune that Joshua plays at the very beginning of the game. The tune will continue to surface between this and it’s continuation in SC.

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