Music of the Week #316

Another time

Late on this one because I wanted to get the right image for the new music spotlight for the few months. Much like how I was able to finally close the book on the Souls series with Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3, they were not the only games to enter my fold during the early portions this year that made 2017 quite the magical time for me in terms of videogames. To fill that void that the Souls series left me, Trails in the Sky, the first entry in the Trails subseries and the 6th game overall in the Legend of Heroes series by Falcom was something of a popular pick nowadays in the JRPG corner. Originally released in 2004, it resurfaced on Steam during 2014 and gained a cult following for its stellar music, lovable characters, and an interesting plot that spans over 7 more games to come. While it’s combat is nothing to write home about, the chapters highly formulaic, and some cliches thrown in there, Trails in the Sky was quite simply magical when it all came together and a big chunk of that is thanks to its stellar soundtrack that helped build the mood in all of its key scenes. This week is just the opening theme so while that plays, allow me to try and summarize how the series begins.

The writing and exposition is a plentiful in the series and is something of a entry barrier with all the reading one has to go through. Excess of reading however is hardly a barrier at all for someone who loves dialogue and world building in the game so I went through with it just fine but the start of the series has a lot of smaller things happening so let me just guide you along these next few weeks with small summaries of where these tunes played and when they had the most impact. To keep things simple, Trails in the Sky (which will now be abbreviated as Tits) features the adventure of the adopted siblings of Estelle and Joshua Bright. The latter of whom was brought into the family by Estelle’s father, Cassius. Cassius is part of the Bracers, an occupation that in regular terms resembles a mix between community servicemen, bounty hunters, and a load of other occupations an RPG character would do in their spare time. As the two kids grow up with each other, they work towards becoming a great Bracer like their father and as they are fully inducted into the Bracer Guild, Cassius leaves for some important work and boards the airship to his destination. The duo and their instructor, Senior Bracer Scheherazade fill in for the duties Cassius was supposed to do and everything is fine and dandy until news report that the airship Cassius has boarded is listed as missing. Thus begins the main quest line in the game.

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