Music of the Week #315


Despite all the shit I had to say to MVCI, I will say that the rumors weren’t kidding when they said the budgets mostly went into the DLC characters instead of the actual game and roster. From the looks of it, Monster Hunter, Sigma, and Black Panther looks fucking MILES above what the original cast look like. Does it mean I’ll forgive the game at all? Probably not but being the sort of guy who always appreciates armored characters like Ultron, I’ll probably give it a few more glances and flail around with my friends.

End of the road for the DS3 music spotlight now that the series has run its course. What’s that? Why no tracks from the Ashes of Ariandel and Ringed City? Well simply because I didn’t find too many of their themes all that appealing. I will mention that Halflight Spear of the Church’s theme is fantastic but that wouldn’t sit well with me to NOT end in a number that isn’t 0 or 5. So you can listen to that on your own. This week’s theme returns the series’ final moments to the last moments of the first game. The Soul of Cinder sits alone in the dilapidated end of the world in the distorted Kiln of the First Flame underneath the weirdass sun. His fight is quite the love-letter to fans as it is the accumulation of all the souls that linked the fire in ages past, meaning that we’re fighting ourselves who beat the first game, and in part, the second game. By this, a total of  four different playstyles can be fought against, the regular swordsman, the spear and miracle build, the pure sorcery build, and the dex min-maxing curved sword and pyromancy build. That wasn’t all of course, the big man comes out after the first healthbar is depleted and Gwyn’s soul returns with his original moveset and a couple of other additions. The 3 piano notes probably made a lot of people excited during this.

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