Music of the Week #314

Fall Approaches

Only a single Summer series remains to be talked about and I’ll be working on that in the remainder of the week. You might be thinking that I’m forgetting another series and I’m not, Hajimete no Gal doesn’t really require a whole post to talk about how boring and cookie-cutter it is. The only thing going for it is probably how it started going anime original pretty early in the series and that didn’t really work out in the long run, at least for me. I wasn’t really going to put the time to just talk about the seasonal fodder shows like that so I won’t. To be fair, Gamers! isn’t all that groundbreaking either but at least it had some funny moments for me to enjoy, but that probably has to do with a factor that I’ll discuss when we get to that point.

Anyways, this week’s Dark Souls 3 music spotlight happens to be one of my favorites. The Twin Princes of Lothric are the last remaining “Lords” to be collected and forcibly returned to their throne in Firelink Shrine. In our journey, we notice that each Lord of Cinder had a specific NPC involved in their own quest to return the lords to their thrones. Anri and Horace to Aldrich, Siegward to Yhorm, and Hawkwood to the Abyss Watchers. Different lords from past ages and now, we as the Ashen Champion arose to bring this age’s supposed Lord, Prince Lothric back to his throne. While a very rudimentary boss as far as presentations and gimmicks go, I couldn’t help but love this fight. Maybe it really was the music but something about these two fighting together hit me really hard. I also enjoy what Lothric does while piggybacking Lorian, stuff like buffing up their charge attack and the likes. It’s interesting to note that Lorian immediately dies if Lothric is slain as well, cementing that their connection is what keeps each other alive.

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