Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 35- The Struggle Continues

These examinations are actually going faster than I initially thought, but even then, there’s only 1 or 2 episodes left. It’s quite the packed episode until we hit the real examination between the wonder duo and All Might. There wasn’t anything mind-blowingly well done about the episode since it’s exactly what I expected but I guess it was decent to see one of the more popular pairings of Todoroki and Yaoyorozu take root here.

We continue from the exam from before with Tsuyu and Tokoyami facing off against Ectoplasm where they immediately start to run to their exit goal while avoiding the vast amount of clones thrown at them. Tokyami is able to fend them off from a safe range but as more are replaced as they defeated, his dark shadow leaves his immediate vicinity, the clones close in on Tokoyami instead. This is where Tsuyu comes in and she helps reposition each other so that Tokoyami can constantly swat away the clones. We switch to Ochako and Deku in the observation room where Recovery Girl points out the reason why these two were paired against each other. The most prominent reason being Tokoyami’s natural weakness against multiple enemies that can close the gap between him and his shadow, while Tsuyu was mostly there for mental support. Back in the ring, the duo make their past the clones and find the real Ectoplasm guarding the exit. The latter pulls out of his other techniques and makes an enormous clone of himself that binds Tsuyu and Tokoyami. Tokoyami tries to move his shadow to the exit but as it stopped by Ectoplasm, Tsuyu whispers that she has a plan and asks Tokoyami to look away. Moments, later, Dark Shadow is recalled to Tokoyami’s side where it is handed the object Tsuyu produces and the shadow makes contact with Ectoplasm, but much to the latter’s surprise, the shadow was holding the handcuffs the students needed to win against their instructors.

The next examination falls on Ojiro and Iida against Power Loader where they’re in a empty construction zone like area with the instructor burrowed underground making pitfalls. Ojiro and Iida lack the footing to properly make their way to the exit and Iida decides that fighting Power Loader would be useless and decide to make a run for it. Iida has Ojiro get on his back and they leap off the falling ground, Iida’s Recipro Burst being faster than the crumbling earth beneath them. However, the ground ahead of them starts crumbling and as they begin to fall, Iida tells Ojiro to wrap his tail on one of Iida’s legs and Iida gains momentum before flinging Ojiro towards the exit. The duo pass without too much contention. The next test has the duo of Yaoyorozu and Todoroki against Aizawa in a residential area and the two start heading towards the exit. Todoroki instructs Yaoyorozu to keep creating small objects as to determine when Aizawa is near them and stopping their quirk’s activation. Yaoyorozu does as she’s told but doubt clings to her as she thinks back to how well Tokoyami did against her in the 1 vs 1 tourney and how Todoroki has acted so much more noteworthy than she has despite both being admitted to the UA by recommendation. Todoroki notices a bit of hesitation in Yaoyorozu’s complexion but he quickly notices Yaoyorozu not producing anything and Aizawa on top of them. Todoroki is restrained and he tells Yaoyorozu to make for the exit.

Yaoyorozu hesitantly starts running but her mind races even faster as she tries to come up with something but isn’t able to validate any of her thoughts. Aizawa recognizes the weakness that Yaoyorozu has in how lowly she thinks she is compared to the others. Something in Yaoyorozu however prompts her to return to Todoroki after she is able to distract Aizawa for a few moments. Todoroki takes what Aizawa said to heard and reinforces Yaoyorozu’s self confidence after he reveals that one extra vote she had to become vice-rep was his since Todoroki thought she’d be good at that sort of thing. To make things short, Yaoyorozu is able to concoct a plan that traps Aizawa that exploited his vision and the duo are able to pass.

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