Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 34- Creative Liberties

We return to our regularly scheduled weekend programming. I noticed they decided to take some changes with the examination formats, especially how they seem to be doing them 1 by 1 instead of having them done simultaneously. I guess that would save some time and extra work since a good chunk of these fights are only given through us by snippets instead of being fully shown.

We’re closing the end of this season but I’m curious as to where they’ll cut off, and exactly how soon the 3rd season gets green-lit.

Class 1A both lament and cheer each other on after prep exams to try and succeed in the written half of their finals. Yaoyorozu offers to help a good amount of them with her Rank 1 intellect in the class while the others persevere alone or make their own smaller groups to get by. An even more anxiety inducing thought were the possibilities of what the practical exam might be like but a lead from a student in the general course says that it’ll be them facing off against the robots from the entrance exam. This alleviates significant weight from their shoulders and everyone continues their rigorous studies.

With the written exams finished later in the week, the class meet in front of the training facility where they find a bunch of their instructors. Much to their surprise, the principal pops out of Aizawa’s scarf and announces that they changed up this year’s exam and explains that they will be facing off against their teachers. The logic behind this reasoning being that they wanted to accelerate the children’s growth at a faster rate for them to become fully fledged heroes. The line ups are revealed and the more surprising judgments come from the matchs up of Todoroki and Yaoyorozu vs Aizawa and Deku and Bakugo vs All Might. The passing conditions are for the students to either run away from the target area or attach a specially made handcuff onto them. The teachers themselves have some weight braces on them to limit their strength to make things more fair and give the students a feasible chance against them in combat. We see a quick flashback on the meeting that too place that decided these examination terms and Aizawa pinpointed a few weaknesses in his students and specifically paired them up with tougher match-ups in order to surpass their weaknesses. Yaoyorozu being one such student who had immense intellect but struggled to act on the fly and improvise. Deku and Bakugo of course, had only their terrible relationship to work around for their test.

The first exhibition test goes to Sato and Kirishima facing off against Cementoss. The two decide to utilize their brute force to make a straight charge toward their instructor. However the timed nature of their abilities run out after they get winded and Cementoss stands victorious. The next match has Tsuyu and Tokoyami against Ectoplasm and Deku wonders how he and Bakugo will ever be cooperative enough to win against All Might.

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