Music of the Week #309


As you probably have noticed, there wasn’t the weekly update for Hero Academy since it seems that there was an episode break last week. The rest of the regularly scheduled weekly stuff are on their episode 8 so we’ve only got around a solid month before the Fall kicks in. To be perfectly honest, I’m not remembering any shows I was interested in the last time I checked the Fall chart. Hopefully I’ll find at least one thing to keep up with. If only BnHA got itself a third season right?

This week’s theme is that of Oceiros, the king of Lothric and father of the Twin Princes. The name suggests that he might have been married into the family since he doesn’t seem to share the same namesakes as his sons Lothric and Lorian. He even names his latest son Ocelotte that follows his own name. Oceiros apparently became obsessed late in his life when he became enamored with the projects of Seathe the Scaleless, which somehow was rediscovered after DS2, but then you remember his teachings were recorded by the Crystal Sages. Oceiros attempted to make himself a dragon and sure enough, he became a scaleless, blind, and pale dragon with crystal based abilities. He also somehow managed to sire Ocelotte as a “child of dragons” and while we hear crying in his fight, we don’t actually see it at all. Might be like Priscilla and how she turned invisible and even the unused sound files show Oceiros throwing his infant son to the ground, making a very disturbing splattering noise.

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