Boku no Hero Academia Episodes 33- Justice born from Evil

Here’s what I was waiting and for, and they certainly delivered with the lines, the tone, the music, and the voice delivery. I completely forgot that All For One was already voiced through the TV that Tomura has in the hideout bar but damn, this guy is getting a lot more roles than I remember him having. Anyways, this was the episode I was hyping up and it did not disappoint. Rarely ever do exposition heavy scenes really convey this much meaning but, hey, if you haven’t read the manga and experienced this, I can probably guess you were getting goosebumps too

The week of training ends and the kids convene back in their classrooms. Everyone goes over their experiences but the kids particularly focus on the trio of Todoroki, Deku, and Iida as they were directly involved with something exciting involving the Hero Killer. The trio are still forced to adhere to the secrecy of their involvement and collectively say that Endeavor was the one who brought him in. Later, the kids return to their practice, this time, a test of urban mobility and Deku is up along with a few others to make it across the obstacle course. Everyone makes some bets on who would reach the destination first and most people bet on Sero or Ojiro but of course, Deku’s application of Full Cowl surprises everybody watching, especially All Might and Bakugo. The former who marvels at Deku’s quick advancement in his power application and Bakugo who recognizes Deku’s jumping being similar to his own. Deku’s power still lands him in last place after he makes a small mistake in his landing. All Might gives him a thumbs up and asks him to come find him after school to have a little talk.

After a small incident involving Mineta trying to peep in on the girl’s lockeroom, Deku makes his way to the room and finds All Might there who asks him to close the door. All Might apologizes for not being at Hosu to help him but makes Deku recall on how One For All was passed down to him. Deku remembers how he ate one of All Might’s hair and also remembers how Stain licked some blood off of him and he panics. All Might calms him down and explains that One For All cannot be passed down forcibly but makes the distinction that it actually originated by being forced upon. All Might goes into detail on how the birth of quirks in the general populace caused in uproar during its early years. One person however, was able to unite a considerable amount of people underneath him and he held the quirk known as All For One, an ability that allowed him to take quirks away from others, add it to his own stock of powers, and also give them to others. All For One’s influence was immense and many followed him but one person stood in his way, his own quirkless younger brother. Out of either pity or amusement, All For One gifted his brother with the simple ability to stock power but what he didn’t know was that his younger brother wasn’t quirkless at all, instead, he had the ability to pass on quirks. From these two powers came One For All and he challenged his brother, but All For One’s stock of abilities was vast, and he surely had an ability that stopped him from aging. The younger brother passed down his powers so that future generations would be able to stop his brother.

The time arrived when All Might inherited the power and defeated All For One, but the latter survived and All Might sustained irreparable damage. All Might tells Deku that he must eventually take the mantle to face this great evil and Deku unhesitatingly agrees and says that as long as All Might is with him, he’ll be able to accomplish anything. All Might himself hesitates and tries to tell Deku that when that time comes to face All For One, he might not be there to support him. Nonetheless, All Might is unable to convey this and merely thanks Deku. The next day, Aizawa confirms that the class will be taking a trip but before that happens, they’ll be given a written exam and a practical exam coming up and those who fail will affect the rest of the class. Elsewhere, the familiar voice converses with a doctor on how Shigaraki Tomura will be the next in line to rule the League of Villains.

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